Welcome to Gram-o-rama!

Here is the WEBSITE that was inspired by GRAM-O-RAMA, the BOOK.

This website was designed as a resource for language lovers and educators interested in creative ways to stretch the traditional grammar lesson and explore the eight parts of speech through quirky writing exercises. The exercises offered on this site are based on exercises found in GRAM-O-RAMA, the book.  This site is no substitute for the broad-minded erudition, imagination, and vision found in Daphne Athas’s ground-breaking GRAM-O-RAMA: BREAKING THE RULES .






If John Lennon, Gertrude Stein, Stephen Hawking, and Mother Goose had conspired to write a grammar book, GRAM-O-RAMA would be it.Designed for word-lovers and students in the classroom, this textbook contains dozens of unconventional exercises geared toward learning grammar. Its interactive method offers students and teachers a smart and accessible approach by encouraging writers to experiment with grammatical functions, style, rhythm, and sound. Read more>>

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